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Risk Management

Planning for and implementing financial tools to cope with life's unexpected events can keep a major loss from turning into a financial tragedy.

We help you assess your needs and resources for instances such as the loss of a loved one or long term care.

Survivor Needs

The sudden loss of a spouse creates not only a huge personal loss but can also be the source of a giant financial loss.   We can assess the needs the surviving family would have and make recommendations on programs and life insurance plans to ensure the family is at least financially secure.

Disability Needs

For many, the ability to work and earn an income is our greatest financial asset.   We assist clients with assessing their risks and needs in this area and recommending appropriate levels of disability insurance coverage and other adjustments.

Long Term Care

The statistics show that 1 out of every 2 people 60 years and older will need long term care assistance at some point in their lives.  Thankfully, most of these needs are short term in nature.  But, unfortunately, some will need long term care for many years.   We help you assess your potential needs and resources to determine how best to manage this risk.


Adequate health care insurance is a must for everyone.  While we are not experts in this area, we can connect clients to professionals who are and can assist with obtaining appropriate coverage as needed.

Home, Auto, Business, Liability

We do help clients review their policies  but will also refer clients to professionals in these areas that can assist in obtaining cost effective solutions for their risks.

Raymond James does not offer tax or legal advice.