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Theresa Doyle

Office Manager

Theresa (Teri) Doyle was a partner in a court reporting firm for 29 years.  After retiring from court reporting, she was in the financial planning industry for 7 years, before joining Aldridge Financial Consultants.

She volunteers with Kids Love to Learn, and is passionate about their pre-school literacy program Chatter Buddies.  Chatter Buddies seeks to close the literacy gap our nation’s children are facing today.  Developed by a certified Speech-Language-Pathologist, Chatter Buddies is designed for the entire preschool audience but with a narrow teaching focus vital to the development of the fundamental building blocks on which literacy is based.  A screening of a mere three-minute running story board of Chatter Buddies unlocked the oral communication of a non-verbal four-year-old with Down’s Syndrome, and elicited a first-time ‘r’ sound from a Head Start child. It is anticipated that Chatter Buddies will positively impact children from all populations and, in effect, “inoculate” millions of children against literacy stumbling blocks.

Raymond James is not affiliated with and does not endorse "Kids love to Learn" or "Chatter Buddies".